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Leaf Collection
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During the 2017-18 leaf collection season, DPW supervisors are photographing collection crews in action and the results of their work. Camera symbols on the map identify where the pictures were submitted.

To see the images, select either Pass 1 (green) or Pass 2 (orange), which appear just below the map. Enter your address to the right of the map and click "search." Use either the "zoom" tool above the map, or the sliding bar that is on the left side of the map, to increase or decrease the size of the map. Click on a camera symbol and a scrolling pop-up window will appear with pictures, date/time taken, and brief comments about the pictures.

DPW makes every effort to match the pictures to the date, time and location where they were taken. Pictures are posted 24-48 hours after being taken in order to allow time for DPW staff to review the pictures. Not every street will have photographs of collection activities.

Please note: The scheduled start date and the scheduled finish date are based on the schedule for the entire leaf collection area. Within each leaf collection area there are streets where there will be no leaf collection by city crews (e.g. highways, federally maintained roads in national parks, private drives, and highly urbanized areas where a lack of trees and high level of traffic make leaf collection unnecessary and/or too disruptive). These streets are indicated by the color purple. For addresses along purple colored streets, please disregard the scheduled start and scheduled finish dates.